Greetings. My first blog entry.

I am an avid correspondent, so this is natural to me. I will endeavor to be less long-winded in this domain, however. In two days, I have a biopsy to check out a growth in my prostate. It's early detection, but will probably require radiation of two months. So be it. I turn 70 in 3 weeks, on New Year's Day. I have a song "I Was Born the Day Hank Williams Died.' I must get around to recording that. But it requires a solid Country or Bluegrass treatment-might need to appeal to Nashville for that one.

This is my new website, on Bandzoogle, I like it. Very DIY, which is what the doctor ordered. I think this Blogzoogle provides an opportunity for people to post comments, so please feel free to do so. And Welcome!

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